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Devotional and Cultural Itineraries Tourism Exchange

SANCTUARY OF OROPA, 27th -29th June 2014

The 2014 edition of the Devotional and Cultural Itineraries will showcase the great devotional events which will take place in Piedmont in 2015, in order to affirm our region as one of the most important Italian destinations for devotional and cultural tourism.

The Oropa Exchange will also be an opportunity for discussion and dialogue between the two worlds of intermediation in tourism, the traditional and the digital. In addition to presenting the most important events in Piedmont through meetings with the promoters and actors, the conferences will focus on the relationship between tourism and innovation.
The tourism market is going through a phase of profound transformation generated by the advent of digital technology which has changed the methods for offering destinations and the processes involved in tourist consumption. In particular, the biggest changes are to be seen in the sector of brokerage of travel sales and the instruments used for the promotion of tourism.

Taking past and current tendencies into account, the Oropa Exchange sees itself as a B2B event whose main theme is the transition towards digital technology, employing new instruments to enable demand and supply to communicate with each other.
The Oropa Exchange distinguishes itself among other international tourism fairs in terms of several innovative aspects: a B2B event very much characterised by a vertical approach to the product, and which is organised not in a fair centre, but within one of the destinations itself.
In past editions, tourist operators and media have been able to experience themselves what they would then be proposing to their clients, in direct contact with the local community and with young students in the catering and tourism colleges of the area.

The 2014 edition will repeat the features which were popular in the past, and will introduce important innovations in line with the changes between supply and demand in the tourism sector.
The Devotional and Cultural Itineraries Tourism Exchange is geared to face a new challenge: while keeping a B2B approach, the event will involve operators who are moving towards a new era in the travel sector, comparing the two coexisting approaches on the world market with each other, namely the digital and traditional sectors, in order to discover the strengths and weaknesses of both and offering realistic examples of the application of new technologies to the tourism business.

It will be very inspiring to take on this challenge in such a spiritual place as the Sanctuary and Sacro Monte of Oropa, and exceedingly stimulating to bring the digital world together with the product, devotional and cultural tourism, which is often associated with a traditional image and seen as not being open to innovation.
And the leitmotif will be the subject of the confrontation and dialogue between these two extremes during the new edition of the Exchange, concluding with a shared theme which will be useful both to the operators in terms of supply and demand as well as consequently to the destinations themselves.

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